hi there!

I’m Chelsey.


There are a lot of things about myself that I’m getting to know, but here’s the important stuff. I’m called beloved Daughter by the God who created me, the God of sunsets and chai, the God who invented belly laughs and is the very definition of beautiful. It’s a pretty big deal to me, the lengths He went to in order to be able to call me His own, and my hope is to reflect His love in all things.

I’ve loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember. When I was in college I dipped my toes into the blog world, and after graduation (Roll Tide) I embarked on an 11 month trip around the world where I found myself wading deeper into the blog world. I’ve always written with my own name in the URL, until now.


Coming home from my trip has been a hard transition. America doesn’t fit like it used to, or really, I don’t fit America like I once did. Seeing the world opened my soul up to bigger dreams, fresher faith, and a desire to live more.

I decided I wanted to put more writing out there, to tell more stories and to let things land as God would have them, but I didn’t feel like my old blog was the place for it.

And so, Fully & Fearlessly was born.

Because that’s how I learned to live in my year overseas. And it’s how I want to continue living my life, so that at the end of my days people can say “She lived fully and fearlessly in pursuit of the Father.”

Fully, soaking in every second as the divine miracle it is. fully known, fully loved, fully secure. I have lived and loved passively and selfishly, but no longer.

Fearlessly, because a life with God leaves nothing to fear. Mountains can be moved, giants defeated and deep seas parted.

So currently, I’m pursuing the Father in Bangkok, Thailand. I moved over here in April 2015 and will teach English at Amane English Center for the year. I’m eating my fill of Thai food and also getting a daily filling of life lessons.

There’s a lot I still don’t know. And that’s okay with me.

photos thanks to Lindy Hickman Photography

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